Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why are many graces being lost at mass?

Fr. Bill Casey makes us think about these questions...

How well do you prepare before Mass?

Do you talk, joke or socialize before or during the Mass?

How do you act during Mass?

Do you forget about the 'Real Presence' during Mass?

Do you genuflect?

Do you make a thanksgiving after recieving Holy Communion when Mass is finished?

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Molly said...

Interesting that you post this now. I just spent the week praying for Catholics who would answer yes to any of these questions.

Last weekend Paul & I went to Mass at a beautiful old mission in San Juan Capistrano.

I was SHOCKED by how many people (95%) were talking (rather loudly), did not genuflect, and failed to kneel to make a thanksgiving after recieving Holy Communion.

Maybe I shouldn't have been paying so much attention, but it really did not take much effort to notice.

The fact that it was a TLM is kind of why I was so shocked, normally a TLM congregation is much more reverent than what was witnessed there.