Friday, November 6, 2009

The Pill Kills Babies

Go HERE for more information about how the PILL KILLS BABIES.


Em said...

OK Gina, well I watched this post and thought it was pretty interesting. However, talk about misleading! I love how he says the American Gynaecological Association has mislead the American public and has then gone on to do they same thing. The whole point of the pill is to prevent ovulation. So, yeah if you do ovulate on the pill and fertalise the egg, I suppose you could consider it abortion if the embryo has nothing to implant in. However the chance of ovulation even happening is extremely low whilst you are on the pill. But he makes it sound like when you're on the pill that ovulation, subsequent fertalisation and inability to implant happen with every cycle. This is the problem with these kinds of protests, they don't give all the facts either, and then go on to undermine the true and beautiful message of Gods love. They should present the facts without bias and encourage people to make the right decision, with compassion and direction towards Christ. I wouldn't be comfortable with even a 1 in a 1000 chance of this happening, but I have all the facts and am able to make an informed decision. I just think everybody should be told the truth, no matter how difficult it may be to hear.

Fr John Speekman said...

Em, it was my understanding that the pill started off as an ovulation preventer and I think they are still on the market. But a whole new breed of abortifacient pills has sprung up and they do in fact cause the embroyo not to be able to implant. I hope I am right about this ... we are talking about two different kinds of pill. But get some further advice as I am not really too clued up on it all.

Em said...

All pills do both things - that is, prevent ovulation and implantation. But only implantation if you happen to ovulate (which has a low probability) and fertilise the egg (which has an even lower probability of occurring. That said, all pills (both oestrogen and progesterone) could then be thought of as abortive, because they all have a chance of preventing implantation if you do happen to ovulate and then fertilise the egg.
There is a specialised abortion pill on the market, but it is totally different to the typical oral contraceptive pill. Then there is the morning after pill which is the normal oral contraceptive pill, taken in a large dose, that prevents fertilisation and subsequent implantation of an embryo.
Regardless though, its all wrong and anti life.

Molly said...

"But he makes it sound like when you're on the pill that ovulation, subsequent fertalisation and inability to implant happen with every cycle"

What difference does it make how slim the chances are...just knowing it's possible...even if it only does happen so rarely doesn't make what does happen any less WRONG.

I don't understand what other facts are needed to beable to make a choice whether to use the pill or either have respect for all life and God's plan, or you're OK taking a risk of possibly having an abortion. Period.

Em said...

True Molly. And I agree it is totally wrong, in fact I have already said that, twice. I just want all the information to be stated all the time no matter what its is, be it from the American Gynecological Association or a Pro Life association. Because, as I already said, inaccurate information undermines the real message. People will only latch on to the one tiny untruth and not look at the big picture. So, tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and people will be able eventually come to the right decision without feeling like they have been hood winked by either party. Its so 'easy' (and I use that word carefully), when you have a faith to know what is wright and wrong, but if you don't (like many of my friends), is by far better to be honest than to gloss over facts to make a particular stance more easy to understand or worse than it really is. I know its wrong, you know its wrong, but we know God. If we tell the truth, despite its unpalatable taste to some, and still have conversion, then what a win for God!!

Gina said...

Em, I think the bottom line (and truth),with this particular video is that the pill can abort.

Not all videos are going to cover 'all' truths as they would be very long videos to watch.

If someone is searching for the truth on what the pill does, hopefully they would research it properly and not just watch one short video.

But I did put up the Pill Kills website for more of 'their' information which explains things a little more in depth.