Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The Harmful Effects of Pornography:

1. Harm to the Soul

2. Harm to Personal Morality and Chastity

3. Harm to Public Morality

4. Harm to Marriage

5. Harm of Violence Toward Women

6. Harm of Degradation of Women

7. Harm to Children

8. Harm of stimulations resulting in Rape

Harm of Contracting AIDS and other Venereal Diseases in Peep Show Booths and spreading the same to the Public

10. Harm to Performers in the production of porno films and videos

11. Harm to Performers in Nude Dancing Establishments

12. Harm to innocent persons criminally assaulted and murdered by those stimulated by porn, including Serial Murderers

The available evidence from testimony, research, social science studies, and interviews with sexual offenders indicates that the production and consumption of pornography causes grave harm to society and individuals.

Click HERE for an explaination of each of these effects.

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