Monday, March 29, 2010

Why Fast?

The Bible refers to fasting nearly 100 times, however, it remains a discipline which is absent from the lives of many Christians.

Although most Christians may feel the need to do a lengthy fast, there are benefits to be gained from even a short period of self-denial.

Here are 16 reasons why...

1) Fasting expands compassion.

2) Fasting prepares the way to meet a challenge.

3) fasting helps you move to a positive spiritual outlook.

4) Fasting is encouraged by the spiritual fathers.

5) Fasting benefits others.

6) Fasting creates more time for additional spiritual disciplines.

7) Fasting is good for the soul - it brings spiritual gifts.

8) Fasting reminds us we don not live by bread alone.

9) Fasting is a positive response in the face of materialism.

10) Fasting creates more physical and mental energy.

11) Fasting helps us appreciate things more.

12) Fasting strengthens virtues and weakens vices.

13) Fasting is good for self-discipline.

14) Fasting improves physical health.

15) Fasting can enlighten others.

16) Fasting follows the way of Christ.


I've just returned from a holiday in Queensland (on the Gold Coast).
Here is where we stayed:

Here was our view at night time: