Monday, March 29, 2010

Why Fast?

The Bible refers to fasting nearly 100 times, however, it remains a discipline which is absent from the lives of many Christians.

Although most Christians may feel the need to do a lengthy fast, there are benefits to be gained from even a short period of self-denial.

Here are 16 reasons why...

1) Fasting expands compassion.

2) Fasting prepares the way to meet a challenge.

3) fasting helps you move to a positive spiritual outlook.

4) Fasting is encouraged by the spiritual fathers.

5) Fasting benefits others.

6) Fasting creates more time for additional spiritual disciplines.

7) Fasting is good for the soul - it brings spiritual gifts.

8) Fasting reminds us we don not live by bread alone.

9) Fasting is a positive response in the face of materialism.

10) Fasting creates more physical and mental energy.

11) Fasting helps us appreciate things more.

12) Fasting strengthens virtues and weakens vices.

13) Fasting is good for self-discipline.

14) Fasting improves physical health.

15) Fasting can enlighten others.

16) Fasting follows the way of Christ.


Sir. Aaron Lee said...

You were saying that,'Fasting gives us physical energy.' Would you like to elaborate on that? Because since I started fasting on Ash Wednesday, I rarely go jogging and only plan to do it after Easter. Anyhow,I din't feel sick and hopefully I can prevail this until the end of Lent.Your point of view? God Bless.

Gina said...

Hi Aaron,

I see your point...I got this information from' The Majellan, champion of the family' booklet.
It says this:

"Fasting creates more physical & mental energy. Ironically, going without a meal often results in greater energy & vitality.
German physician Dr. Hellmut Lutzner, author of Successful Fasting, observes: "Strength, speed, perseverance & concentration are by no means a function of your food intake. On the contrary, you think better & more quickly when your stomach is not full. What mountain climber would eat just before his climb? A runner will never reach her peak performance if she eats just before the start of a race."
The same principles apply to the spiritual life. An overloaded stomach can interfere with prayer by making us feel sluggish & tired."

I guess our body needs to adapt to fasting too. As you would know the 1st few days are the worst, and prayer on a fast day go hand in hand, so its difficult to get through the day without prayer.

I also know things like, if you normally drink coffee and then fast, you can get a terrible headache on your fast day, so a few things may be affecting your energy.

However, a few people I know get very sluggish on a fast day and fall asleep at the drop of a hat.

Maybe we need to read Dr. Lutzner's book! :)

I hope this helps.
God bless.

Sir. Aaron Lee said...

Thanks Gina. The information that you have given to me give me a better understanding on fasting.In between, I am trying to look for your email to ask you something,but cant find it.I like your blog. Keep it up and continue to educate people especially Catholics about life issues!Blessed solemn Good Friday to you and family.