Friday, February 5, 2010


I have realised that I need to put more time into reading the Bible and TALKING and LISTENING to God (praying).

I knew a long time ago, that I should be doing this (and have started), but never continued with it, as I have let distractions and excuses get in the way.

For this to be a reality in my life, I have come to the conclusion that I have to forfit doing other things (such as reading blogs), and prioritize my time better.

I find it easier to 'do' things by minusing other things in my life all together, so that I don't get distracted and so that I am not as easily tempted.

The devil trys his best to keep us busy.
The last thing he wants is for us to pray and form a 'personal' relationship with Jesus.
He couldn't stand it if we set aside time, to not only read the Bible, but find time to TALK to Jesus each day and then be quiet and still (say nothing), and actually LISTEN to what He is telling us.

I recently recieved a good reminder from someone who wrote:
"Be faithful to your time for daily prayer above everything else like Jesus was....this is THE KEY, because it is only then that you can listen more deeply to God's will for your life and then put it into practice.
Everything stems from your prayer life!
And the devil is so happy when he stops you from making time to pray because he has stopped you from listening to God speak to you directly through his Word!!!
Always be radical in this one thing and everything else will flow from it

God gave us the Scriptures to read and to see how He lived His life and to learn how to love like Jesus does.
If we don't know Jesus, then how can we be like Him?
And to know Him, we have to form a close relationship with Him.

So don't be offended if I don't read your blog anymore, or have stopped following or don't comment.
Right now in my life, I am shutting off my temptations and concentrating on starting to form a real relationship with my true Father who loves me more than I know and is waiting and longing for me to dialogue with Him.


Fr John Speekman said...

A Timely reminder to me, too, Gina. Thanks for your blog.

Molly said...

I've been feeling the same way. I will miss you, but I completely understand.