Wednesday, February 17, 2010

40 Days for Life

40 Days for Life starts on Ash Wednesday, it was a great idea by Americans, and it means vigils outside abortion mills 24/7 and prayer and fasting until March 28- BUT!!

That's all kinda boring because my REAL news is that 40 Days for Life is now in Australia (America, and North Ireland if you're dropping by) again and in:

Melbourne -
Sydney -
Brisbane -

The home page for 40 Days for life is here-

You don't have to live in those cities to participate.
There are heaps of things you can do - go to the Home page and click on "Get Involved".

So basically, this means you have NO excuse not to do something for the 100,000 children killed by abortion every year in Australia alone and making this a wonderful Lent- saving lives!!

The following is a trailer (for America) for the 40 Days for may inspire you to participate.

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