Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Test driving Sex...

Former Australian Rugby League player Jason Stevens (now a Presenter, Speaker and Author), recently married his wife after vowing to stay celibate until he was married.
The following is a reply of his to a question about waiting until marriage to have sex.

What would you do if it turned out your future wife was a shocker in bed?

I believe that a good sex life that lasts only comes out of a great relationship based on love, respect and trust.
When these things are in place in a relationship and both people have a good self esteem- the sex will be awesome.
People think you need to try before you buy, but I believe the worst lovers are the "experienced ones" because they come into a relationship with past memories of lovers, hurts from previous relationship - in other words baggage.
Sex isn't like buying a car, you don't need to test drive it!

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Solid Gold said...

It is good to see there are good role models that still exist. With sex addiction running rampant, it is a great tribute to him and his wife for waiting.

Solid Gold said...

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Again, thank you!