Friday, January 29, 2010

Educational computer games for kids

Here are some good educational games for your younger children.
I'm not into having my kids sit on the computer, however, when I do I just limit my children to 20 minutes a day.
It's good for those chaotic times in the evening to keep them occupied.
It's helped my 4 year old to learn her letters and their sounds.

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breadgirl said...

Hi Gina
I has been a little while since I called in, very remiss of me, and certainly my loss! Anyway, as always, your posts are great! This one is very useful for folks with little ones. Your two previous posts are gorgeous. I especially love the one about the sheep. That is so true, Jesus is gentle with all of us and leads us gently. I heard a song by a lovely singer named Monica Brown. The lyrics, from Scripture, "He does not break the crushed reed or quench the wavering flame" are a favourite of mine and remembering them helps me (sometimes!!) to be a less critical and more encouraging to those around me. Thanks for a lovely blog. I won't stay away so long again. God bless you, Gina.