Saturday, September 5, 2009

"I'll need you Dad"

"Happy Fathers Day" to all Dads, especially the father of my children (pictured with myself and his 2 daughters and his son still in my womb last Christmas), and to my Father who was a very good role model to me growing up.

Thank you to all Fathers who work hard to take care of their families.

Holy Scripture presents the concept of fatherhood:
1) as Guardian - who protects his own.
2) as Provider - who sees to their physical and spiritual needs.
3) as Teacher - who instructs and forms his children by word, deed and example.

Video thanks to: Divine Ripples.


Em said...

Nice one Gina!

Molly said...

What an awesome video!

Dawn said...

okay. Now I'm full out crying!First the Nick Cannon video now this . Thanks! :) In a good way.