Monday, September 28, 2009

Carry the crosses YOU are given

Last night I read...

'Say often, "God bless.......," of any whom you find in disharmony with you, or whom you desire to help.
Say it, willing that showers of blessings and joy and success may fall upon them.

Leave to Me the necessary correcting or training; you must only desire joy and blessing for them.
At present your prayers are that they should be taught and corrected.

Oh! If My children would leave My work to Me and occupy themselves with the task I give THEM.
Love, love, love.
Love will break down all your difficulties.
Love will build up all your successes.

God the destroyer of evil, God the creator of good - is love.
To love one another is to use God in your life.
To use God in your life is to bring into manifestation all harmony, beauty, joy and happiness.'

How many times do we want to correct other people and change them instead of concentrating on fixing ourselves and making ourselves a better person, so that we can love one another!
It was a good reminder to me.

Lord, help us to embrace our cross the way You did.

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Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...

I love this! Thanks so much for leaving your comment on my blog. I really enjoyed perusing your blog and i am bookmarking it. Thanks so much!