Monday, August 10, 2009

Learn to love yourself

A talk from: Bo Sanchez - How To Get Rid Of Bad Habits Now! Love The Sinner And The Saint Within. Love Yourself.

Don’t focus on your addiction.

Because when you focus on your addiction, you end up in despair.

And despair is the end of the road.

Like Judas, many people commit some type of suicide. They may not kill themselves physically, but in their despair, they kill their dreams, or they kill their relationships, or they kill the blessings that God wants to give to them.

You need to acknowledge your addiction (don’t deny it), but you don’t have to meditate on it. Your eyes should be on God’s love for you.

Focus on God’s dream for you instead.

And you can do that if you love yourself.

Loving yourself means loving the sinner and the saint within you.

You’re a mix of the good and the bad, and you need to love that mix.

Unless you love yourself, you jump from one Hidden Addiction to another.

Unless this happens, your addictions may never go away.

When we don’t love ourselves, our love tanks cause painful emotions to rise. So we may stop one addiction only to replace it with another, perhaps a more hidden addiction.
I know of some former drinkers and smokers who, after removing these vices, unconsciously replaced them with more acceptable addictions, like workaholism and religious legalism, or a food addiction or TV addiction.

If you want to get rid of a destructive bad habit, you need to love yourself.

How should you love yourself?

How should you love the saint and sinner within?

Let me share with you four powerful ways of loving yourself that will change your life forever:

1. Forgive Yourself

2. Accept Your Weaknesses

3. Feel Your Feelings

4. Trust Your Needs

I will share these with you one by one - in my next post:)

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