Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It is Your life and Your Choices

I gave you life, but cannot live it for you.

I can teach you things, but I cannot make you learn.

I can allow you freedom, but I cannot account for it.

I can take you to Church, but I cannot make you believe.

I can buy you beautiful clothes, but I cannot make you beautiful inside.

I can offer you advice, but I cannot take it for you.

I can give you love, but I cannot force it upon you.

I I can teach you, of course, to share, but I cannot make you unselfish.

I can teach you about kindness, but I cannot force you to be gracious.

I can warn you about sins, but I cannot make your morals.

I can love you as a child, but I cannot place you in God's family.

I can tell you how to live, but I cannot give you eternal Life.

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