Monday, July 20, 2009

Priest blesses Horse

At the local horse races, Monsignor O'Ryan was well known for his punting skills.

One day a Baptist followed the Priest and noted that he often visited the horses before each race and sometimes secretly blessed one.

That horse would then win the race.

Ringing his wife he told her that he was on a sure thing and that he wanted to bet all their money on the last race.

Watching Monsignor carefully he noted which horse was blessed and placed his bet.

The race began, the gates opened, and the horses were off.

Suddenly at the first corner his horse stumbled, fell and died on the track.

At the end of the race, stunned and in shock, he confronts the Priest and says; "Now what will the wife say, I've lost it all, all our savings! That horse should have won - what happened?"

Knowing his religion, the Priest said: "That's the problem with you protestants, you can't tell the difference between a blessing and the last rites!"


Molly said...

Very funny!!

Thanks for sharing.

Aussie Therese said...

I love this joke. It always makes me laugh.