Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Garabandal and the Passion of Jesus

John Tauler, a great mystic of the Middle Ages, once wrote that when a venerable servant of God asked our Lord, "What would a man gain if he devoutly strove to meditate on the Passion?"
Our Lord answered;

* His sins would be washed away

* His negligences would be made up for by the merits of My sufferings.

* He would be given great strength so that he would not be easily overcome by his enemies.

* My grace will be renewed in him as frequently as he meditates and reflects on My sufferings.

* I will not deny him anything that will serve for his own good if he prays sincerely to Me for it. I will lead him to the state of perfection before his death.

* I will assist him in his last hour, protect him from his enemies and I will give him assurance of salvation.

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Fr John Speekman said...

Thanks for this post. I am a great devotee of the Garabandal Virgin of Mt Carmel.