Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well, as you all could guess (whether you are mothers or not), Motherhood is not easy!

However, it is THE most beautiful challenge I have ever experienced.
My children bring a smile to my face every single day.

I always (ever since I was a child) longed to be a mother.
Maybe it wasn’t overly important when I was a child, but I never remember NOT wanting to be a mum.

Before I became a mother (for instance, when I was engaged and ‘thinking’ about it more often), I thought I had motherhood and how I would bring my children up, all in my head, perfectly planned out.
Haha, how immature was I? What was I thinking?!

It was like I had my 10 commandments made up for my children in my head:

1) You will obey immediately
2) You will never back chat
3) You will eat EVERYTHING that is dished up to you
4) You will not ‘NO’ your mother or your father
5) You will not poke your tongue out
6) You will not get out of bed when it’s bedtime
7) You will NEVER bite another human being
8) You will not choose what you wear
9) No means NO!
10) If you break any of these rules, you will either be talked to or you will get some kind of punishment!

How easy the rules seemed.

However, I quickly learned, that no matter how much you would like your children to be robots that follow rules, it’s not that easy to get your children to follow these rules.

Just as it is hard for us, to follow God’s 10 commandments.


Aussie Therese said...

lol I love your 10 commandments.

I remember when I realized that my children were not going to be perfect in every way I realized I had very romantic and naive notions in my mind.

Emma said...

Gina, your 10 commandments is perfectly tame compared to the expectations I had of my children! I think we are far too hard on ourselves as parents, its such a hard job without having all those (at times) unfair expectations of what they will and wont do! I agree with you Aussie Therese, I was incredibly naive pre motherhood. I wonder, by the time our children have left home, how many more mothering 10 commandments will they have 'broken'???