Friday, January 16, 2009

Message from Purgatory

A post from In God's Company 2

Holy souls in Purgatory, is there anything you regret when you think of your life on earth? I deeply regret wasted time.... I did not consider it so precious, so fleeting, so irretrievable. For this reason my life is worth only half of what it might have been. Oh, had I but realized it then! Would that I could return to earth, how differently I would use the time given to me! Precious time! . . .

Today I know how to appreciate you. You were purchased with the blood of Christ; you were given me for the sole purpose of loving God, sanctifying myself and edifying my neighbor. But alas! I have abused you by committing sin; I have craved vanity, pleasures and trifles; I have been dreaming dreams which now cause me bitter reproaches and remorse. Precious time . . . Wasted time . . . How heavily you weigh upon me now! How it grieves me to have lost you through my own fault! Fleeting time . . . . Time which passes so quickly on earth, but which drags so slowly in this prison of fire, in this place of excruciating torments!

Formerly, years seamed like days to me. My whole life vanished like a dream. Hours now seem like years, days like centuries. I must now suffer, weep, and wait until the last minute of wasted time is redeemed. Oh, how long shall my exile last! Irretrievable time! On earth I relied on my last years to do penance; but the thread of my life was severed as a moment when I expected least! Oh precious time! You were given me to acquire treasures and graces without number, but now you are lost for me forever.

You, who still live on earth, do not waste the gift of time, which has cost Jesus such a high price, and for which you too will have to suffer in Purgatory if you imitate our carelessness. You, who are privileged to live during a time which is preeminently devoted to the Sacred Heart, during these last centuries when He has revealed to the world His love in its fullness: intercede for us that we may obtain the merits of at least one of these days, in which His grace is so freely and abundantly offered you.

**This letter I believe was written by Saint Margret from a conversation she had with the Poor Souls in Purgatory, but the page I have has no name upon it. - Spiritdaily

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