Friday, November 5, 2010

Sidewalk Counselling - End Abortion - How you can help

I haven't posted on my blog for over 2 months, because I have been pre-occupied with Pro-life work.
There is an Abortion Clinic in my town that is open one day a week.
A group of us are working towards ending abortion in our district.
We have begun following Monsignor Reilly's Pro Life Misson - Helpers of God's Precious Infants.

There are three ways that you can participate in helping the babies that are about to be aborted:

1) Footpath Counselors
* The Counselors are the people who approach the woman going in to the abortion clinic and offer her help or an alternative and make her aware of the risks involved during and after an abortion.
* They also approach the men, friends or parents.
* The footpath Counselors stand directly out the front of the Clinic, or either side near the entrance.
* The footpath Counselors educate her about the baby's biological development in her womb, and help her to understand the exact manner in which the abortion
will kill her child.
* The woman will be provided with literature telling of all the help available: financial, medical, and spiritual.
* A possible opening line could be; "Hello, here is some information for you. I am not here to take away your choice, I am here to offer you help or an alternative, no matter your circumstances. If you choose to talk to me, I can help you."
* If the woman decides to see the abortionist anyway, she will be reminded that we will be outside waiting, if she, like others before her, changes her mind while inside and comes back out again.

2) The Pray'ers

* The Prayers come to the abortion clinic to pray for an hour or more, on any morning that the babies are going to be killed.
* They pray quietly on the opposite side of the road of the abortion clinic.
* They pray in a spirit of reparation: for their own sins; the sin of abortion; and particularly for the deaths that will occur while they stand outside on that day.
* They pray for women going into the abortion mill: for the abortionist and his staff; for the neighboring community; for their legislators; for the religious leaders of the nation; and for all who, through indifference, do nothing to try to stop abortion.
* The Prayers provide spiritual and moral support for the Footpath Counselors.
* They are essential.
* The Prayers are also there to give a personal love to God's infants who will die that day.

3) Spiritual Helpers

* These are people who want to be present at the abortion clinic but are unable to come due to physical illness, work, etc...
* They contribute prayers and sacrifices made during the week, and offer it up for the work of The Helpers.

If you are interested
in helping stop abortion in our Nation, here are some suggestions:

* Go to Monsignor Reilly's website found HERE. Read up on Our Mission.
* View some Videos on Footpath Counseling (5-6min long each, there are 7 videos), showing real footage of some Americans approaching women at a Clinic. To see these videos, go HERE.
* Karen Black's Method, found HERE, has many helpful tips on how to counsel.
* Read a "Sidewalk Counselor's Guidebook", found HERE.
* Google 'Sidewalk Councelling' - read up about it.
* Find out where/or if, there is an abortion clinic (sometimes called a Fertility Clinic), in your area. Through google or phone book.
* Find out what times/days the Clinic is open and how far along they perform abortions there. Find out as much as possible about the Clinic.
* Find out where your Pregnancy Support service is (make sure they are pro-life and against contraceptives) - some are not located near the actual clinic, which can make it harder, but don't lose hope. Get in contact with them.
* Get a group of you together (at a Pro Life meeting in your Parish), through word of mouth or fliers and discuss where to go from there.

You may even be able to find young mothers interested in counseling or praying (if they can find a babysitter for an hour or two), and the young faces make a big difference.

Would you spend some time with the little babies in your own neighborhood before they die?


Fr John Speekman said...

I admire your work for the unborn. What a shame there are so few of you. Keep up the good work. I shall pray for you.

Em said...

Good on you Gina, not sure I would have the spiritual temerity to do what you do, but I really admire your strength and conviction of faith. I'll pray for you too.