Thursday, June 11, 2009

Harmony within

I was praying about whether my husband & I should leave our complete 100% trust in God to space our children for us, or to continue to use Natural Family Planning to space our children - and then I read this...

"Follow My guidance.
Be afraid to venture on your own as a child fears to leave its mother's side.
Doubt of your own wisdom, and reliance on Mine will teach you humility.
Humility is not the belittling of the self.
It is forgetting the self.
Nay, more, forgetting the self, because you are remembering Me.

You must not expect to live in a world where all is harmony.
You must not expect to live where others are in unbroken accord with you.
It is your task to maintain your own heart peace in adverse circumstances.

Doubt always your power or wisdom to put things right, ask Me to right all as you leave it to Me and go on your way loving and laughing.
I am wisdom.
Only My wisdom can rightly decide anything - settle any problem.
So rely on Me.
All is well."

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Brooke H. said...

My husband and I struggled with this issue as well. I don't doubt the Church's teaching that NFP can be licitly used, but for me it would demonstrate that I don't trust God. He cannot and will not create a soul unless it is His intent, no matter what we do to try and aid concepttion or prevent it. It's a tough subject, and courage and trust are definitely required.