Thursday, February 19, 2009


An Australian lady has discovered that certain baby sounds mean something.
I have written down the list of words and their meanings for any interested mothers with their newborns.
They suggest to print out the words & sticky-tape/blue-tack to your cot or bassinet for when you are sleepy during the night and can't remember what the sounds mean.

Listening to your babys sounds.

• I’m hungry
• The baby will respond well to your breast/bottle
• Mother’s body will respond to Neh (produce milk, feel a let down)
• If you hear any other sounds & you put baby on the breast, they won’t latch on properly, unless it is the ‘Neh’ sound
• The baby’s tongue goes in a sucking motion on the roof of their mouth

• I’m tired
• Put me to bed straight away (before I get too tired & will be harder to settle)
• Parent’s choose how to settle (Eg: put them to bed awake, use dummy, put on breast)

• Burp me
• Pick me up
• Reflex in their chest
• It’s trying to get the air out
• Baby can make this sound when they are asleep (pick up & burp & put straight back to bed before they properly wake)
• Can burp in between feeds, before or after.

• I’ve got lower wind pain
• Listening for the “Air” sound or the “R”
• A reflex in the lower intestine pushing down
• A very upset sound
• The baby has no hope of going to sleep if they are making this sound
• Try using the bicycle leg movement or laying them on their tummy
• If this happens often, you ‘know’ it is a bad colic sound & can act upon it & get medication at the doctors.

• I’m uncomfortable
• Sign of discomfort
• A skin reflex
• Too hot
• Too cold
• Needs their nappy changed
• Clothes are too tight or wrap is too tight/constricting

Neh and Owh
• Is tired, but wants to go to sleep sucking on something (breast or dummy)

If baby is making several of these sounds at once, find the sound that is the clearest & respond to that 1st.
One sound should be clearer than the other/other’s.

1)List on Cot/Bassinet/in Hospital
2)Listen and Look
Eg: jerky movements = tired.

NEH – I’m hungry

OWH – I’m tired

EH – Burp me

– Lower wind pain (bicycle legs, tummy)

– I’m uncomfortable (nappy, temp, clothes)


Janet said...

Aren't you supposed to be having a baby instead of posting new things on your blog...?! I keep popping in here in case there's big news :)

RD said...

Still not here.
Bit of pain today, so any time now.
So nervous!

Aussie Therese said...

praying that baby comes sooner rather than later.

Em said...

Don't be nervous little cuz, just breathe and stay focused - still praying for you!
Janet, you're doing exactly the same thing as me...

Aussie Therese said...

Maybe baby will come on Ash Wednesday and that can be your Lenten sacrifice.

Madeline was born in Lent and that was my Lenten sacrifice that year.

Fr John Speekman said...

Gina, OWH, NEH ...

Aussie Therese said...

oh. Poor Fr. John. Both hungry and tired.