Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pro-Life and Pro-Abortion

A great post written by 'The Mom'at Shoved to Them:-

Pro-Life and Pro-Abortion people in this country will never come to an agreement on this issue. It's not going to happen. We are fundamentally different in our value systems, and I don't think that that is going to change anytime soon.

One side thinks that life is valuable, all life in any form, no matter how inconvenient or unattractive it is. Even if that human life can't speak or wets its pants or drools uncontrollably. Even if the caretakers are worn out and tired and ready to be free of the burden of caring for what appears to be a lump of human flesh without any redeeming social value. Even then. Even at its most inconvenient and repulsive, even then life is precious. Even then we don't have the right to kill it for our own convenience. Life is a gift to the one who is living it, even when they are tired of it, it has value.

The other side, the pro-abortion/pro-euthanasia side of the argument sees death as a gift and a release, death is freedom. Not for the one who dies usually, although there are those who would choose their own demise, but for those who are burdened and inconvenienced. Death is a release for the person who puts herself and her own wants and desires above those of others. If something is unpleasant or a drag or occurs at a time that "just isn't right" then the offending piece of humanity should be removed, the sacrifice of the one for the "greater good." To kill another whether young or old is not to commit an horrific act, but to create for one's own self the freedom to live life as we choose it, on our terms instead of someone else's.

What happens when a child is raised in a home where human life is allowed to continue only when it's convenient? A home where human beings are disposable and self-interest is applauded? What decisions does that child make when her own mother become less than easy? What happens when her own mother begins to slip into dementia, and has to wear diapers, and drools? The able-bodied political activists who are campaigning today for the right to terminate their children and the elderly are raising their own murderers.

If a child has been taught that they escaped the butcher's knife only because their parents made a decision that this was a convenient time to have a child, what stops that child from deciding that an infirm parent is not occurring at a convenient time? If we can murder humanity inside of the womb, why not in its hospital bed?

Be careful the lessons you teach your children, because someday you may wish that they had not learned them so well.

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the Mom said...

I'm so glad that you liked it, RD. I often wonder if these things will work as well written out as they do in my brain.

I like your blog, too, and often make my children sit down and read your stuff. In fact, I like your work so much that you can call me by my first name.