Sunday, November 23, 2008

Precious Little Ones - poem after a miscarriage.

A friend of mine wrote this poem & has given me permission to post it.
This lady had numerous miscarriages and these words came to her in the middle of the night and she felt compelled to write them down.
Therefore, it will hopefully help people who have experienced miscarriages.

Precious Little Ones

These babies never had the chance
To give the world a fleeting glance,
Or feel their mother’s arms enfold
Their tiny frames so small, so cold,

Or see their grieving father weep
At little babes that seemed to sleep,
Their precious forms all wrapped in white
With perfect faces, eyes closed tight.

We surrender them to God above,
Where they will know eternal love.
They look upon us here below
At parents and siblings that they know,

And wonder why we grieve and weep
When God’s own Mother and angels keep
Them close to Him in rapturous dreams
Of choirs of angels and celestial themes.

So, rest in peace my precious ones,
Your blessed life has now begun.
But hearken to your mother’s plea
And pray for us, please, pray for me.

By Evelyn Feltoe © 2nd Feb 2001
This poem is copyrighted.


Esther said...

What a beautiful poem! The only time I was able to conceive, we lost the baby through a miscarriage. It broke our hearts. Please thank you friend for sharing the poem.

RD said...

I've just sent her an email and thanked her for you:)
I'm so, so sorry for your loss.
How traumatic:(
I miscarried after my 1st child, and it was horrible.
Ever since then, I've been overly sensitive to those who experience miscarriages, as I found it heart breaking, even with one healthy child.
So I couldn't begin to imagine how you and your husband coped.
God bless you and your hubby. x